The Ottley Music School​

 I am now teaching private saxophone lessons  as well as beginner woodwind instruments at  the Ottley Music School in Hyattsville  Maryland. I am  certified in  instrumental  music from K-12 and have taught in the  
 D.C. and Prince George's  County Public  School systems collectively for 14  years.

 If you would like to take private lessons with  me, contact the Ottley Music School at 301-  454-0991. 

 You could also visit their website  at or through email at

 I am the Founder and Executive director  of the Inner City Jazz  Foundation.

​ The Mission of the Inner City Jazz  Foundation is to promote jazz    music and  culture to inner city and underprivileged  communities.  As part of that mission, the  Inner City Jazz Foundation (ICJF)  initiates jazz educational programs, as  well as provides  opportunities and  incentives for members of inner city and  underprivileged communities to develop  a heightened appreciation  and  understanding of jazz music, history and  culture.

 Many of ICJF’s programs target school- aged students who would  otherwise (due  to school budget restrictions, teacher  shortages,    and socio-economic  conditions) have limited access to jazz  educational opportunities and  experiences.

 In keeping with its mission, ICJF  provides jazz scholarships and  awards for  exceptional and talented students and  performers;  promotes community jazz  festivals, concerts and competitions;  presents seminars and workshops on jazz  related issues; and works  in cooperation  with other national and international  organizations  and institutions whose  purpose is the furtherance and  preservation  of jazz.

 To learn more about ICJF go to:

 I am offering private instruction in Jazz  Improvisation. Students are  expected to  have a minimum proficiency  on their  particular instruments as well as  a basic  knowledge of music theory (i.e.  scales,  chords, etc.)

 The student rate is $40.00 Per Lesson
 The adult rate is $50.00 Per Lesson

 For more information you can contact  me  at 
Jazz Improvisation Lessons!
The Prince George's County Jazz Youth Orchestra

The Inner City Jazz Foundation (ICJF) is currently developing The Prince George’s County Jazz Youth Orchestra. ICJF's program is intended to give young musicians the opportunity to develop and gain practical experience in jazz performance through participation in a jazz ensemble. Students in elementary, middle and high-school have the opportunity to interpret and perform original and standard jazz arrangements and compositions by renowned jazz artists, composers and arrangers. They learn about the nuances that go into giving a successful jazz performance. The program instills in participating students, a heightened appreciation and respect for jazz music through guided study and practice. Additionally, ICJF plans to bring in professional jazz artists and educators to give workshops and clinics, as well as to help students with jazz interpretation, improvisational concepts, ear training, sight reading and more. They will also be on hand to provide encouragement for the students as well as to help prepare them for upcoming performances. Through the program, students will be encouraged to continually develop on their respective instruments. The importance of taking private lessons will be stressed in order to maintain high standards of performance excellence. More importantly, it is the goal of ICJF to develop life skills in participating students. Students will be expected to exhibit excellence through self discipline, self respect, and respect for others, cooperation and through developing a strong work ethic. Students meet each week for two hours to rehearse. There is no charge to the student for participation. However, a minimum amount of musical proficiency is expected as well as the ability to sight read. Students are expected to have their own instruments. A piano/keyboard and drum set is provided for rehearsals.  

Parental support is encouraged and welcomed!  

For more information :
contact Tonya Thomas at: